Proud of how we ship! 🌱📦♻️

We are taking steps to reduce our impact on the world and single-use plastic packaging for our shipments to you. We made our mailers with @groundedpackaging out of certified compostable materials created from plants.

Science and nature in your packaging, pretty cool right?🌱🌿🍃

Once you receive your order package, check out the dotted line in the back to cut in case you want to re-use your bag or if you are done~ just place it in your compost or feed it to your garden. 🌻 to get your next shipment FREE + in a compostable bag 🛍

Some quick tips for re-use of your bag:
-Give your bag to someone who is moving. They can put them between their plates for padding as they pack their kitchen items.
-Re-use it yourself to mail something. Put a label over our label. Fold the top down and use the other sticky row to seal it securely.
-Donate the mailer bag to someone who sells on eBay, Etsy, or other resale sites.
-Cut along the seams and open it out to use as a background for paint projects.
-Use as a liner for trash cans around the house.