We at Trixxi are committed to following our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We strive to find partners at all stages of the supply chain who share the same values and ethics that we do.


The COVD-19 pandemic has posed many challenges to businesses worldwide. In line with our commitment to collaborative relationships with our suppliers and worker well-being in our supply chain, we are working closely with our suppliers to find the best way through the global COVID-19 pandemic. We took full responsibility—and paid in full—for all complete and in-progress finished goods orders. Our current terms are consistent with industry practice, and we have not asked for any discounts on payments.

Our teams are staying in close conversation with suppliers and we are factoring their circumstances into our decisions to ensure we are doing our part to protect global garment worker supply chains.


We do not use forced labor anywhere within our direct operations and extended supply chain. We do not under any circumstances support forced or bonded labor, or the trafficking and exploitation of human beings of any age. We do not accept child labor under any circumstances! We do our due diligence to determine the correct age of the workers employed by us and by our subcontractors. Companywide, we reject work that deprives children or adults of their wellbeing and their dignity, and whatever is harmful to their physical and mental health.


We provide internship opportunities based on internship contracts and set pay rate, and we monitor continuously that each intern actually performs an appropriate intern function. All employees have a written employment contract that contains a complete summary of the terms of employment, including wages, benefits and working conditions. Labor contracts extend to sub-contracted employees.


We respect our employee’s right to earn a living wage and we require that wages paid meet legal standards and beyond. The wage should always be sufficient to meet the basic needs of employees and their families. We do not use deductions as a disciplinary measure. Wages are paid regularly, on time and in a way that is convenient for the workers.


We do not exceed local limits on working hours. In accordance with the law we do not require employees to exceed 40 hours of work per week on a regular basis. Overtime is voluntary and should not exceed 12 hours per week. Overtime is not demanded on a regular basis and is always compensated at a premium wage rate.


The safety of our employees is always a priority, ensuring that they are protected from hazardous environments or unsafe premises. Our suppliers are required to provide a safe workplace for their employees in compliance with all regulations and applicable laws. We provide them a Chemical Compliance Policy and a RSL (restricted substance list) to be followed when working for us.


At Trixxi, we run our business with respect for people’s fundamental dignity. We have the responsibility to make sure that everyone who works for or with our business is treated with dignity and respect. There are no excuses for disrespectful behavior.


We welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes but is not limited to members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.


At Trixxi we are committed to act with integrity—to keep our commitments and values, to take responsibility for our actions, to act with respect and honesty. Honesty encourages open communication between employers, employees, co-workers and the supply chain.


We do not restrain our workers and employees from joining any forms of organizations, unions and workers associations that collectively promote the rights of employees and workers in an honest and fair manner.


Harassment and exclusionary behavior are not accepted at Trixxi. This includes but is not limited to threats of violence, psychological abuse, and personal insults—especially those using racist or sexist terms, unwelcome sexual attention, or sexual intimidation.

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